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A mysterious pandemic by name Covid-19 has caused more harm than good in our communities since 15th March, 2020. 


This airborne disease has threatened and killed very important people both in Ghana's active and inactive workforce.


The President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo in an attempt to contain the disease from spreading ordered parts of the country that are identified as epicenters to be closed down; para military forces including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces and others were deployed unto the streets of both Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions to monitor and inspect the restriction of movement and wearing of nose masks as part of containing the Covid-19 disease.


The roar of this pandemic made Ghana Health Service advise the President of the Republic of Ghana; Nana Akuffo Addo and the Ministry of Education to close down schools.


Ministry of Education heeded to the advice and closed all schools from KG to University including both public and private ones.


Whilst schools are closed, it exposes the girl child to social vices such as peer pressure, promiscuity and drug abuse.


Due to the economic hardship on an ordinary Ghanaian as a result of the lockdown caused by Covid-19, majority of Ghanaian parents could not go for work and others sadly lost their jobs making it difficult to cater for their girl child and most spend the whole time with friends in search of daily bread and necessities such as sanitary pads, panties and food.


Notable among the institutions that collapsed due to the Covid-19 are the hospitality institutions such as hotels and restaurants coupled with the market or commercial sector where almost all buying and selling activities were halted; this put majority of Ghanaians who are economically active out of service.


Due to above, the bad nuts took advantage of the young females and introduce them to promiscuity such as boys and girls love relationship leading to sexual intercourse and pregnancies.


When these girls got pregnant and realized they could not take care of the pregnancy, they tried abusing themselves with concoctions that they believe can terminate the pregnancy.


By so doing, some lost their lives and those who kept theirs delivered and now serving as breast feeding mothers.


Though they delivered safely, the question is, who takes care of the newly born babies to enable them have access to education when schools reopen this year; 2021?


Parents are hereby advised to understand the fact that though their girl child has committed an error of such nature they should not discourage her from continuing her education; the parents should rather assist in keeping the child for her to continue the education when schools reopen.


Philanthropists in the various communities should also extend their help to these homes to prevent the girl child from school drop out.


Headmasters and Teachers are to ensure that colleagues of this girl child do not mock at her in class in order to eliminate psychological trauma from her mind to study without hindrance.


Parents are also advised to seek re-admission at schools close to the resident of the girl child to facilitate easy combination of breast feeding and smooth academic works.


Just as deflated tyres do not keep cars on the road forever, our pregnant girls or breast feeding mothers should not be allowed to drop out of school at all.


There is hope for these girls to make it in life for the benefit of the families of which they belong. 


Let us not also forget the saying that if you educate a girl, you educate the nation therefore let help educate our girl child.


Before I end this article, I would like to remind the public especially parents on the strict application of Covid-19 safety protocols both in our houses, public and in schools.


Rumour says it that Ghana Education Service in conjunction with the government of the Republic of Ghana would fully provide nose masks and other covid-19 safety protocols in schools when they reopen.


May God bless us all.


By: Charles Dela Egbadewoe


Tel: 0246590814


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