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We Honour and Celebrate The Earth Day Of An Outstanding Personality Who Happens To Be The

Founding President of Ghana, Co- President of Guinea and African Man Of The Last Millennium. An Indelible Icon Of Pan-Africanism, An Exemplary Epitome Of Redemptive Leadership , A Remarkable Intellectual- Credited With Numerous Pan African Books , And A True Freedom Fighter, A Prophet And A Seer Who Gave His All For Africa! Years Down The Lane, His Rich Legacy Lives On And Continues To Inspire Africans Home And In the Diaspora! For The Torch That He Lit , Continues To Burn And Burning Aloft - Giving Light And Guidance To The People. Father of the African Personality.

Happy Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah- AU- Continental Memorial Holiday/Celebration !   


From Comrade Benjamin Anyagre


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