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Press statement by the Social Justice Movement of Ghana (SJMG)

The 24th February 1966 coup d’état: The beginning of Ghana’s socio-economic decline

Exactly 55 years ago today, military/cum police conspirators coordinated and financed by the CIA and British Intelligence carried out a successful overthrow of Ghana’s first President Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah (and the Convention People’s Party (CPP) government) whilst he was on his way through China to Hanoi, Vietnam. The Times (London) said a day after the coup d’état of 24 February 1966, Ghana had “swung back to reliance on the West.” It is now clear to all Ghanaians what reliance on the West has meant for the country.

At the political level, Ghana is described by the West as a beacon of democracy in Africa because we have had, since 1992, the NPP and the NDC passing the baton of government between themselves with the common denominator being the reliance on the West. For the ordinary citizens, it has been a grim and sad experience with very little to show for in terms of their well-being. Neither the NPP nor the NDC have done anything about our reliance on the West whilst they continue to pay lip service to development. Politics has become a money-making business completely out of reach of ordinary people with ministerial positions sold out to the biggest financiers. Ordinary citizens, feeling so marginalised, also scramble for the crumbs that fall-out from the political process when votes are routinely bought during elections. The December 7th elections and the recently held Council of State Elections bear testimony to this. 

At the economic level, the World Bank and the IMF regularly release economic data which primarily aim to give the people of Ghana hope but these rarely reflect in ordinary people’s life experiences. According to the Bank of Ghana information, Ghana’s total debt as of November 2020 stands at $50.2 billion (external debt is $24.4 billion} of which $10.8 billion was added since the end of 2019. Every single Ghanaian – from a baby to the oldest person – owes about $1,696 (about GHs9,800) but with high levels of unemployment it is clear that the debt burden is unbearable. The major sectors of our economy, the extractive sector (gold, diamond, manganese, bauxite, etc.) are auctioned to the highest bidder as the Agyaapa deal proposed to do. Our factories have been abandoned and cheap imports are the order of the day. 

At the social level, the level of crime prevailing in the country today is frightening. From the north to the south, armed criminals are on the rampage. Our hospitals are in sorry state (except for the extremely rich who can afford private health care) with mothers having to give birth on the bare floor in government hospitals. And when you add the reckless destruction of our environment and water bodies by illegal gold mining (Galamsey), promoted actively directly and indirectly by political office holders, then it is obvious that the country is heading towards a calamity.


On the occasion of the coup d’état on 24th February 1966, it is prudent that the people of Ghana and the youth in particular reflect on why we are where we are today. Major industrial and technological enterprises that Nkrumah had set up were sold to foreign companies and those that were not considered viable were abandoned. Silos, that the Nkrumah government had built as storage facilities for our agricultural products, were left to rot and decay. The policy of import-export substitution industries was abandoned so also was Nkrumah’s dream of a united Africa. It is only 55 years after Nkrumah’s overthrow that has the Africa Union has established the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) and Action Plan for boosting continental trade.

The 24th of February 1966 coup is Ghana’s day of shame because it reversed a clearly well thought out plan to develop the country, unite Africa, end the pillage of Africa’s resources, and ensure that the black person is the master of his/her own destiny. Successive governments have maintained the domination of our economy by foreign interests. The CPP government’s commitment to the industrial development of Ghana is now a forlorn dream. It is not surprising that high unemployment is the nightmare that meets graduates leaving school. Nkrumah’s policy of rapid expansion of educational infrastructure, compulsory basic education and the emphasis on science, technology as well as sports and culture were aimed at producing a well-rounded Ghanaian labour force. The investment in education contributed to the vast expertise of Ghanaians which is now globally recognised. Our health services were expanded and free at the level of delivery. Nkrumah passed the Women’s Political Representation and Affirmative Action, and women were encouraged and supported to serve in the highest organs of government including the National Parliament. The Kwame Nkrumah Ideological Institute and the Young Pioneers Movement were meant to generate a progressive and nationalistic orientation among Ghanaians.

It is important to acknowledge that in every bold initiative such as was envisaged by Nkrumah and targeted to benefit the majority of citizens, there are always winners and losers. Sections of the feudal aristocracy (chiefs) and privileged classes saw themselves as losers. The dominance of the masses (Veranda boys and girls) in political life and state control of strategic sections of the economy did not sit well with those with vested interests in the status quo. Attempts to assassinate Nkrumah were numerous, ruthless, and daring. An ideological propaganda war combined with widespread dissemination of lies were all coordinated and aimed at weakening and making the government unpopular. There were incidents of corruption brought to the government attention, but Nkrumah took steps to stop the practice. As far back as June 13, 1955, he confronted the issue in his capacity as Prime Minister when he stated in parliament “I have never ceased to condemn bribery and corruption and I have warned that anybody, no matter his rank or office in the party, who shall be found indulging in these vices shall be immediately exposed and punished”. We cannot say this about the subsequent ruling elites who have been running Ghana since the overthrow of Nkrumah. They have usurped the state and have exhibited the worst forms of glaring corruption and nepotism.

On the 55th anniversary of Ghana’s day of shame, the youth and people of Ghana must not despair. They should rather look back at their historical legacy and acknowledge that the time has come for Nkrumah’s vision to be realised as the Africa Union has attempted to do albeit in bits and pieces. It is now quite clear that the destiny of the youth and those yet unborn cannot be entrusted to the NPP or NDC. Just look at the recent hullabaloo with the recent Election Petition and the decisions of the Supreme Court. Even if among the political elite there is not even at attempt to appear to promote justice, how do we imagine that ordinary people will ever get justice from our judicial system. However, in whatever situation we find ourselves, we must struggle to ensure that the limited liberal democracy is not reversed as we are seeing with the recent actions of the NPP especially in appointments, control of news media, the judiciary and in fact all facets of national life. We fought so hard against the Rawlings dictatorship and we must not return to one, where personal rule and dictatorship is the order of the day. 


We must organize more than ever but organize differently. We must make sacrifices among ourselves rather than behave like the very political elite we criticise – go into politics for your share of the national cake – because it is the route to disaster. We must build a political movement that belongs to the people and for the people. And in a small way, that is what the Social Justice Movement of Ghana is aiming to do. We want you to join us and organize across the country by setting up branches where you live or work. We are also working with other progressive organisations through the Progressive Alliance for Ghana (PAG) to build a mass democratic party to provide a genuine alternative to the decadence that we have today. We have to work together with all progressive forces, individuals, women’s groups, and those representing people with disabilities, the trade unions and in fact the entire fabric of Ghanaian society to bring about meaningful change. The youth have to take a stand and realise that Ghana belongs to them and must mobilise more than ever before to bring about a just and humane society.


Let us secure our future by coming together in a mass movement to provide an alternative to the NPP/NDC. Together we shall succeed.


Long Live Ghana, Long live the ideals of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah 


Issued this day, 24th February 2021


Signed by:

Richard Asueme - 0543705476

Yen Nyeya -  0200133091

Nicholas Atampugre - 0244784955

Phanuel Ayawli - 0208850004


Bolgatanga, UER, Ghana: Tel: +233 54 202 6869, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accra: Tel: +233200240060; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

A mysterious pandemic by name Covid-19 has caused more harm than good in our communities since 15th March, 2020. 


This airborne disease has threatened and killed very important people both in Ghana's active and inactive workforce.


The President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo in an attempt to contain the disease from spreading ordered parts of the country that are identified as epicenters to be closed down; para military forces including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces and others were deployed unto the streets of both Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions to monitor and inspect the restriction of movement and wearing of nose masks as part of containing the Covid-19 disease.


The roar of this pandemic made Ghana Health Service advise the President of the Republic of Ghana; Nana Akuffo Addo and the Ministry of Education to close down schools.


Ministry of Education heeded to the advice and closed all schools from KG to University including both public and private ones.


Whilst schools are closed, it exposes the girl child to social vices such as peer pressure, promiscuity and drug abuse.


Due to the economic hardship on an ordinary Ghanaian as a result of the lockdown caused by Covid-19, majority of Ghanaian parents could not go for work and others sadly lost their jobs making it difficult to cater for their girl child and most spend the whole time with friends in search of daily bread and necessities such as sanitary pads, panties and food.


Notable among the institutions that collapsed due to the Covid-19 are the hospitality institutions such as hotels and restaurants coupled with the market or commercial sector where almost all buying and selling activities were halted; this put majority of Ghanaians who are economically active out of service.


Due to above, the bad nuts took advantage of the young females and introduce them to promiscuity such as boys and girls love relationship leading to sexual intercourse and pregnancies.


When these girls got pregnant and realized they could not take care of the pregnancy, they tried abusing themselves with concoctions that they believe can terminate the pregnancy.


By so doing, some lost their lives and those who kept theirs delivered and now serving as breast feeding mothers.


Though they delivered safely, the question is, who takes care of the newly born babies to enable them have access to education when schools reopen this year; 2021?


Parents are hereby advised to understand the fact that though their girl child has committed an error of such nature they should not discourage her from continuing her education; the parents should rather assist in keeping the child for her to continue the education when schools reopen.


Philanthropists in the various communities should also extend their help to these homes to prevent the girl child from school drop out.


Headmasters and Teachers are to ensure that colleagues of this girl child do not mock at her in class in order to eliminate psychological trauma from her mind to study without hindrance.


Parents are also advised to seek re-admission at schools close to the resident of the girl child to facilitate easy combination of breast feeding and smooth academic works.


Just as deflated tyres do not keep cars on the road forever, our pregnant girls or breast feeding mothers should not be allowed to drop out of school at all.


There is hope for these girls to make it in life for the benefit of the families of which they belong. 


Let us not also forget the saying that if you educate a girl, you educate the nation therefore let help educate our girl child.


Before I end this article, I would like to remind the public especially parents on the strict application of Covid-19 safety protocols both in our houses, public and in schools.


Rumour says it that Ghana Education Service in conjunction with the government of the Republic of Ghana would fully provide nose masks and other covid-19 safety protocols in schools when they reopen.


May God bless us all.


By: Charles Dela Egbadewoe


Tel: 0246590814


Look around you.

This generation is something else. They will sell their soul just to get riches they don't need.

When I cast my mind back to the generation that fought for the emancipation of the Blackman, my eyes are filled with tears. What happened to the saying that 'the concern of one is the concern of all'?

Today people take delight in cheating others. Stealing is the order of the day. People are imprisoned for stealing plantain to eat, yet others are left to go free when they steal billions of cedis due to greediness.

Where are the youth of today? Do you not see that our fathers have let us down? Do you not see that they don't care about our future? Do you not see that they enrich themselves to the nonsense degree to the detriment of our future?

Arise oooo youth of Africa home and afar. Arise to a new mentality. Let us leave this slave mentality, and go back for the freedom mentality. For our future is in our hands. It's time to wake from our slumber and hold our fathers accountable. We are the heros and saviors we are all waiting for. We are the Future and Present.

Arise, arise, arise for the time is now.

Arise, arise and together let us rebuild.

Arise, let us protect what is rightfully ours.

What are you waiting for?



Revolutionary regards.

Derrick Macaire.

Osagyefo Youth Movement (OYM)

In the era of Ex-Presidents; John Evans Atta-Mills, John Mahama and President Nana Akufo Addo , an investigative Journalist; Areme Yaw Anas, uncovered bribery and corruption activities involving some top Ghanaian officials and institutions of high calibre such as DVLA, some Supreme Court Judges, Ghana Football Association, Illegal Gallamseyers and etc made majority of Ghanaians thwarted the hope and aspirations of the legal system in Ghana as some of the issues were not handled to their satisfaction.

Famous one among them is the inability of the Ghanaian Government to search for the killers of the Investigative Journalist Ahmed Sualley who was murdered at gunpoint in Madina.


Ayawasu West Wuogon Election violence report by Emile Short Commission's findings were ignored instead of strictly adhering to it.


Agony in the hearts of many Ghanaians especially NDC and NPP, see each other as Political rivals and treat themselves as such.


The utterances of some MPs and Political Leaders such as Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and Ashanti Regional NPP Chairman Wuntumi inciting the youths to burn the residence of Mr. John Mahama should any market got burnt again and also proclamation by Hon. Alhassan Fuseini that should they swear in Incumbent Nana Akufo Addo, they would also swear in Mr. John Mahama as President and form parallel government are all unfortunate and uncalled for.


The exiting of the former EC Boss Charlotte Osei as soon as President Akufo Addo's government assumes power makes NDC unclear with the action and therefore opposes the implementation of the Biometric Voter Register for 2020 General Elections.


Upon their opposition to the Register, Electoral Commission led by Jean Mensa continued and compiled the register amist strong warnings from the opposition candidate John Mahama.


The election was held on the 7th December, 2020 and EC declared the sitting President as winner but the opposition NDC brought out several evidence of poll rigging for President Nana and the NPP.


If it is truly constructed that there were errors in the election results then what is the hope for Ghana now? 


Some say NDC should go to court.


NDC also says EC should over turn the result in their favour as Winners of the Presidential Election.


This erupted internal wranglings in some parts of the country as NDC Die Hard supporters are seen demonstrating against EC's decision by chanting the slogan " No Mahama, No Peace"


Minority MPs were rejected by police as they tried submitting their petition to EC over the supposed flawed votes and the government in response sued ten of the minority MPs for not obtaining permit for the walk to EC Headquarters.


A lot of people are agitating what the situation would have been should the Founder of the NDC be alive; would he tolerate this enchantment; No Mahama, No Peace?


Rumour has it that finally NDC and Mahama led Party would be filing suit at Court this month ending; we hope it becomes a peace pipe to be smoked by the three partners involved in the electoral irregularities; NPP, NDC and the Electoral Commission of Ghana.


Ladies and Gentlemen, having disseminated all these facts about the current state of Ghana to you, who do you think is answerable to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the first President of Ghana? 


Is it the Driver and the Mate?


The passengers? 


Or the Fitters on board?


Let us not forget the fact that whether we die or not, we shall surely account to our sons and daughters through history one day therefore let us do the right thing that will bring back the peace we were enjoying as citizens of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana.


God Bless Our Homeland Ghana







The behaviors of the NDC and NPP including Electoral Commission of Ghana are putting serious fear into the majority of we; Ghanaians.


We see these two parties doing their own things neglecting the laws of the land by chanting war drums against each other without considering the fact that those who put them on such high Political ladders are in danger of their actions.


Look at Democratic Republic of Congo vanishing as a result of Electoral violence. They starve daily and no one has the peace to go to farm and cultivate food crops.


 Sanitation becomes worse as result of the election violence


 Health facilitaties will be under stress because due to daily killings of war.


There is daily fear of death as it is happening.


Covid-19 coupled with the Electoral violence in DR Congo is not having mercy with her people at all.


As a good Citizen of Ghana, I am cautioning NDC and NPP to behave so as not to put Ghana into chaos leading to the agony the people of DR Congo are experiencing now.


Electoral Commission of Ghana is also advised to perform her part of duties diligently. 


EC should issue the pink sheets to NDC and not keep them in the dark from Constituency to Region, Region to National, and National back to Region. This is getting too frustrating.


Christian Peace Council, and other international bodies are advising NDC to go to court to seek legal redress therefore Electoral Commission should do due diligence by issuing the pink sheets to them to seek the redress at Court.


NDC and NPP should take note that, should this country gets into a state of violence and chaos, our generation and the future ones would never forgive them.









The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation is delighted to announce GNPC Foundation Local Scholarships for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has successfully stopped Amos Wuntah Wuni from prosecuting the contempt charges against him.

I experienced what seemed to be showers in my residential area. However I was in for a surprise as a headed towards Accra.

Pay-TV service operator StarTimes will broadcast live this year’s Sports Writers’ Association of Ghana (SWAG) awards slated for October 10, 2020.

Body building and powerlifting has been popular lately and Mamprobi, a community in the Ablekuma South constituency which is known for producing sports personalities and one of the hubs of Macho will be the focus on December 4, 2020.

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