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Sammy Heywood Okine

Sammy Heywood Okine

... Boxers weigh in ahead of super clashes

The weigh-in for ACE Power Promotions' Danger Zone Bill which comes off on Saturday October 16 took place at the La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel on Friday October 15.

The top liner is the UBO international super lightweight championship between Robert Quaye and Nathaniel Nukpe.

The Weigh-in results of the Danger Zone Fight Night Bill presented by ACE Power Promotions at La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel on Saturday 16/10/2021 are as follows: Robert 'Stopper' Quaye 140 lbs vs Nathaniel Nukpe 134.7 lbs (UBO super lightweight championship - 10 rounds).

Hopeful Holy Dorgbetor weighed 125.5lbs against Success Tetteh at 125.7lbs. they clash for the UBO intercontinental and Ghana national featherweight championship over 10 rounds.

Emmanuel Martey weighed 161.2lbs against Naimou Aziz Samson who was 159.2lbs for a Middleweight contest - 10 rounds.

Loren Japhet from Tanzania was 121lbs against Sheriff Kareem of Nigeria who weighed 119lbs in an international super bantamweight contest over 8 rounds.

Raphael King weighed 149lbs against Emmanuel Allotey at 152lbs for a welterweight contest over 8 rounds.

Ahmed Abdula weighed 177.6lbs, while his opponent was 177.3lbs for their light heavyweight contest over 6 rounds.

Emmanuel Quartey was 131.7lbs and his opponent, Billy Quaye weighed 131lbs (super featherweight contest - 6 rounds).

Abraham Afful weighed 142.5lbs and faces Francis Aryee 141.6lbs (welterweight 8 rounds).

Abdul Ali weighed 199.3lbs and clashes with Samuel Afoli 198lbs (heavyweight contest - 6 rounds).

Víctor Kuwornu weighed  145lbs and faces Armah Tetteh 153.3lbs (super welterweight contest - 6 rounds).

Debutan Emmanuel Baidoo who weighed 153lbs meets Henry Mensah 154lbs.1 in a super welterweight contest - 6 rounds.

Samuel Martei Laryea who weighed 122.5lbs makes his debut against Jonathan Mensah 122.5lbs in a super bantamweight contest over 6 rounds).

By Sammy Heywood Okine

MATCH-FIXING is the worst thing that can happen to football - being it at the lower or upper echelons. Snappishly put, it is abhorring!

This is why nobody or federation mandated to administer football and ensure its smooth development should kowtow to anything that would bring the game into gross disrepute and dishonour.

Embarrassingly, three months since Ghana football was plagued by another match-fixing scandal between already-relegated Inter Allies and elite side AshantiGold SC - Ghanaians have still not been told the punishments that perpetrators of that indignity will receive.

Yet, interestingly, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) more than three weeks ago announced the start of a 2021/22 Premier League season that is fixed to roar off on October 29, this month.

We have been told by insiders within the Football Association that the Committee/bodies that sat on the matter and charged clubs, players and personalities have finished their work - and presented the full report to the appropriate quarters, the FA.

We have also been told that the report should have been released ahead of the announcement of the Premier League fixtures.

But what did we see? It is becoming limpidly clear by the day that backbreaking, high-powered strings are being pulled to save a club from plunging into the abyss for the abominable sins committed.

Let us do a bit of a flashback. This is what happened on the day.

On Saturday July 17, 2021, Ghana football earned rave reviews - not for its spectacular exhibition of the game, but for a despicable act that brought the nation's image on its knees as AshantiGold hammered Inter Allies 7-0 on GPL Matchday 34 played at the Len Clay Sports Stadium in Obuasi.

Banging home seven goals without reply in a game, is not new in Ghana club football at all, but the manner the rout was reprehensibly executed, sent tongues wagging as to what might have happened on that disgraceful day.

Indeed, 13 minutes before the final whistle, an Inter Allies player Hashmin Musah was introduced into the said game and intentionally scored two quick own goals, making the final scoreline 7-0. He was subbed off again moments later. According to the player, he had to score those goals to make nonsense of a wager that had been placed on the match.

“I heard it in our hotel that there was a correct scoreline of 5 goals to 1 against my club Inter Allies. I decided to ruin that bet because I don’t condone betting," he told Kumasi-based Kumasi FM.

Calculatingly scoring own goals to prevent an alleged pre-arranged result, is simply unacceptable, inexcusable and highly suspicious. Eliciting information that a game is fixed - even when that is the case, does not warrant that off-putting act which, obviously, brought the game into huge disrepute.

The International media also had a field day on the embarrassing incident - and tore Ghana football into shreds.

It is the reason Ghanaians and football's stakeholders descended heavily on the player, Inter Allies and AshantiGold SC, believing the game was fixed and urged the Ghana FA to conduct a snake-pit inquisition into the tie and duly punish the perpetrators.

The Ghana FA boss himself - Kurt Okraku, was outraged and rightly so - promising to chase out the “faceless cowards” involved in match-fixing.

“Our football has been attacked by faceless cowards. It is my responsibility and that of the Executive Council to defend the passion of the nation.

“Everybody who has played a part (in match-fixing relating to betting) will face it. We will clean our sport and bring confidence to a sport that feeds me and all of us; a sport that gives hope and aspiration to the entire 30 million people of this country," the FA President told the media.

“If you are here and you know that you played a part, just be ready. Don’t call me, because you didn’t call me when you wanted to play that role. And those who are calling must stop. Those who are calling my phone regarding betting must stop.

“To quote a former President of America, we will chase them out of their hiding places” and bring them to justice,” assured Mr Okraku, who was speaking at the launch of the Division One League Super Cup.

Without any shred of doubt, the FA capo's words were reassuring and received with gusto - proving to the world that he would not stomach anything that would affect the integrity of the game - or bring shame to the country.

However, it is a little over a month to the start of a new domestic season with no word from the football authorities as to the upshot of the case which investigations are said to have been completed.

The GFA Compliance and Integrity Officer and the GFA Prosecutors, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana wing of Interpol for the criminal investigation of the game, have all done their bit, and from indications, player (s), clubs and officials would not be spared.

So, the FA should tell us why they are holding the report to their chest - and have even proceeded to announce the Premier League fixtures with AshantiGold expected to play Eleven Wonders in their opening game.

What signal are we sending to the outside world? What signal are we sending to potential sponsors? What signal are we sending to FIFA whose eyes are fixed on Ghana with as regards this scandal?

As we speak now, the world's eye is irreversibly emblazoned on us as far as this case is concerned. The global media is feverishly following the scandal and we cannot afford to play into their hands. If for nothing at all, Ghana football has suffered enough - and the FA President must put his feet down and ensure that the integrity of our game is fully protected.

We can all recall that in 2007, Okwahu United, Nania FC, Great Mariners FC and Tudu Mighty Jets were demoted to the fourth tier and fined heavily - after they were found guilty of match-fixing, having posted some offensive scorelines in their final league games for promotion into elite football.

Though the clubs' punishments were later slashed upon intense appeals, at least, it sent some serious signals to the rest of the football world that such scandals have no place in Ghana football. That is the way to go.

Truth is that, if we do not take draconian measures now, we will witness this same sordid deed rear its ugly head again in the new season. That is why we must not spare anybody caught up in the mesh. Our game must be cleansed - and it is now or never!

On March 17, 2021, FIFA in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), launched the Global Integrity Programme – a comprehensive international programme aimed at providing all 211 member associations with enhanced knowledge and tools to fight and prevent match manipulation. It tells you the height at which the world football body has taken this crusade.

Indeed, match-fixing is a huge threat to all sports at every level and the colossal damage it causes is clear. For governing bodies, fans and everyone in between, this form of corruption is poison. It strikes at the heart of the sport, the value of competition and all of the other participants’ self-images and integrity.

Again, that sordid act jeopardizes the relationship between a team and its supporters, between fans and the sport itself, because it plants seeds of dishonesty and then cynicism about competition between equals.

Indeed, it is prussic acid, and must have no place in sports. GFA, eyes are watching. Release the report!

The world is watching us. Let us stand up, be counted and be proud of ourselves as Ghanaians who revere their game.

By John Vigah

Medals Winners (Podium Finishers) At 14th CANA African Swimming & Open Water Championship

Ghana’s Abeku Jackson won a bronze medal in the Men 100metres Butterfly Men. Indeed it was the first ever medal for Ghana at the Africa Senior Swimming Championship.

Here are other results / winners from the CANA African Swimming Championship in Accra.

4 X 100m Mixed Relay

  1. Team South Africa 3:34.02 CR
  2. Team Egypt 3:39.03
  3. Team Algeria 3:46.25

Men’s 800m Final

  1. Marwan Elkamash 8:04.88
  2. Mohamed Moselhy 8:06.25
  3. Roberto Gomes 8:27.33

Junior Men 800m Freestyle

  1. Mohamed Ben Ajmia 8:16.08
  2. Youssef Salem 8:27.89
  3. Ahmed Abdelsam 8:28.10

Junior Women’s 50m Butterfly

  1. Caitlin de Lange 27.78
  2. Sara Elsammany 28.47
  3. Farida Samra 28.66

Men’s 50m Breaststroke

  1. Youssef Elkamash 28.08
  2. Matthew Randle 28.70
  3. Ronan Wantenaar 28.71

Women’s 200m Breaststroke

  1. Emily Visagie 2:35.35
  2. Tessa IP Heng Cheung 2:47.39
  3. Reedah Shaw 2:50.78

Junior Men’s 50m Breaststroke

  1. Matthew Randle 28.87
  2. Mohannad Mostafa 29.00
  3. Seif Omar 29.16

Junior Women’s 200m Breaststroke

  1. Cathrine van Rensburg 2:36.17
  2. Rawan Eldamaty 2:38.01
  3. Nour Elgendy 2:38.35

Men’s 400m Medley

  1. Ruan Ras 4:24.46
  2. Yassine Elshammaa 4:27.27
  3. Salah Nour 4:29.80

Junior Men’s 400m Medley 

  1. Matthew Randle 4:39.88
  2. Hamza Benhlima 4:45.37
  3. Jarden Eaton 4:52.56

Men’s 100m Butterfly

  1. Jaouad Syoud 52.89
  2. Guy Brooks 53.91
  3. Abeku Jackson 53.98

Women’s 200m Freestyle

  1. Rebecca Meder 2:02.65
  2. Christin Mundell 2:04.60
  3. Catarina Sousa 2:10.78

Women’s 4 X 200m Freestyle Relay

  1. Team South Africa 8:26.35
  2. Team Egypt 8:44.22
  3. Team Angola 9:14.26

Men’s 50m Backstroke

  1. Mohamed Samy 25.34
  2. Abdella Ardjoune 25.78
  3. Ali Khalafalla 26.97

Women’s 50m Backstroke

  1. Samiha Mohsen 29.17
  2. Amel Melih 30.02
  3. Caitlin de Lange 30.09

Men’s 200m Freestyle

  1. Marwan Elkamash 1:50.17
  2. Andrew Ross 1:51.63
  3. Guy Brooks 1:51.99

Junior Men’s 100m Butterfly

  1. Guy Brooks 54.33
  2. Sohib Khodry 54.55
  3. Stephen Ndegwa 56.60

Junior Women’s 50m Backstroke

  1. Sara Elsammany 29.84
  2. Raghd Mohamed 30.00
  3. Caitlin de Lange 30.06

 Junior 50m Backstroke

  1. Hamza Benhlima 27.37
  2. Sohib Khodry 27.39
  3. Mohamed Mohamady 27.42

 Junior Men’s 200m Freestyle

  1. Guy Brooks 1:52.20
  2. Mohamed Mohamady 1:53.12
  3. Hamza Benhlima 1:53.18

Senior Women’s 400m Medley

  1. Rebecca Meder 4:55.36
  2. Christin Mundell 5:10.80
  3. Sara Abdelghany 5:20.43

Junior Women’s 400m Medley

  1. Cathrine van Rensburg 5:06.17
  2. Rawan Eldamaty 5:11.73
  3. Nicole Redecker 5:24.63

Men’s 100m Breaststroke

  1. Youssef Elkamash 1:02.05
  2. Matthew Randle 1:03.06
  3. Jaouad Syoud 1:03.1

Junior Men’s 100m Breaststroke

  1. Matthew Randle 1:03.16
  2. Mohannad Mostafa 1:04.65
  3. Jaiden Staines 1:04.91

Senior Women’s 100m Freestyle

  1. Rebecca Meder 56.22
  2. Inge Weidemann 56.31
  3. Amel Melih 57.58

Junior Women 100m Freestyle 

  1. Hannah Robertson 57.94
  2. Farida Samra 59.17
  3. Carine Abdelmalak 59.70

Compiled by Sammy Heywood Okine

1st bout : Flyweight Contest

Issac Aryitey vrs 3ric Tetteh

Result: Technical Draw after Eric Tetteh had a deep cut through accidental headbutting

2nd bout :Flyweight Contest

Mohammed Ayitey vrs Thomas Quansah

Result: Mohammed Ayitey won by a TKO

3rd bout :Super lightweight Contest

Emmanuel Quaye vrs Rocky Otoo

Result:Emmanuel Quartey won by a TKO in round 3

4th bout :Super light-weight Contest

Philip Ngwa vrs Joseph Quarcoo

Result:Philip Ngwa won by a TKO in round 3.

5th bout:Super Lightweight Contest

Felix Nunoo vrs Simon Lamptey

Result:Felix Nunoo won via a TKO

6th bout:Light Middleweight Contest

Lesko Sossiya vrs Kwaku Avogah

Results:Lesko Sossiya won by a TKO in round 4

7th bout:Middleweight Contest

Mubarak Abubakar vrs Abdul Karim Charlse

Result:Mubarak Abubakar won by a TKO in round 2

8th bout: National Middleweight Championship

Emmanuel Quaye vrs Boateng Agyemang

Results:Emmanuel Quaye won by a TKO in round 4(1mins 4secs)and became the new national champion

9th bout:Super Welterweight Contest

Patrick Alotey vrs Benjamin Ankrah

Results:Patrick Alotey won via TKO in round 4

10th bout:

WABU Bantamweight Championship

Manyo Plange vrs Zanoun Prince

Result:Manyo defended his title via TKO in round one(2mins 48secs.)

Source GBA Communications

Christina Ashley, vice president of the Ghana Chess Association has been honoured by Women In Sports Association (WISA) for her hard work, determination and dedication in promoting women in sports.

The staff of the National Sports Authority (NSA) who has worked with various sports federations thanked WISA and hinted that the award will motivate her to work harder.

Founder / President  of WISA Madam Gloria Commodore presented the award and citation at the Trust Sports Emporium in Accra.

Present at the short but impressive ceremony was former GOC Secretary General Richard Akpokavie, President of Ghana Karate Do, Melvin Brown and President of Ghana Swimming Association Mrs. Delphina Quaye.

Madam Commodore said she feels happy to give the award to the awardees themselves, so that she can advise them to keep on doing what earned them the award.

Unilez Takyi, Ghana’s first female swimmer at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 was also honoured by WISA on Wednesday.

By Sammy Heywood Okine

Italy based 16 years old swimmer who represented Ghana at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Unilez Takyi received her Women In Sports Association (WISA) Achievers Award on Wednesday at the Trust Sport Emporium during the 14th CANA African Swimming Championship.

The award was presented by Madam Gloria Commodore in the presence of her dad, some family members and former Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) executive board members, Richard Akpokavie and Melvin Brown as well as the media.

Madam Commodore congratulated her and urged her to keep on training hard to perform at the highest level.

Ghana Swimming Association President, Mrs. Delphina Quaye commended her and thanked WISA for recognizing Ghanaian swimmers.

She said there are more young swimmers who need to be encouraged.

Unilez Takyi also thanked WISA and promised to do her best to raise the flag of Ghana high.

By Sammy Heywood Okine

… Hilarious Bukom Banku To Sing On Stage

10 bouts will be on the bill as new boxing company, S3 Promotions of Bukom stage their maiden show at Akropong in the Eastern Region on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Two National titles will be at stake for the chiefs and people of Akropong and Akwapim to celebrate their annual Odwira festival.

The bouts will be held at the Forecourt of chief’s palace and no gate fees will be charged. It's free.

Coach Suleman Korley, trainer of Musa Lawson who fights Victor Kemavor for the national Super Welterweight title said they are ready to rumble.

Bronz Gym coach Carl Lokko who handles Jacob 'The Beast' Dickson (7 – 0) said they are also ready for the experienced Stephen Abbey who has a record of 36 fights, comprising 17 wins and19 loses. For the national Cruiserweight title.

Abbey's coach Nii Armah Tagoe of Black Panthers Gym assured fans of a great fight.

Stephen Abbey said the at night will see what will happen.

Dickson also said the Ring will decide.

Musa Lawson with a record of 5 wins all by KOs thanked all who helped him and his coaches. He also said the day will decide.

Another boxer on the bill, Kpakpo Allotey with17 bouts (13 KOs), one lose said his opponent should expect a good fight.

Henry Welbeck and Godfred Lartey, the directors of S3 Promotions promised a tantalizing package for boxing fans.

Sponsor of the event, Upplaus Consulting representative, Debbie said the people of Akwapim are warriors and preparation are advanced for a wonderful show.

She assured that all Covid-19 protocols will be observed.

"We expect a big event, but everyone should beware of the protocols.

Tourism will be one of the top activities on the agenda as well as health screening, football match, and leisure programs at the water falls" she expressed.

Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku will thrill fans with his new Asokpor music.

Meanwhile Banku says he has some more bouts to fight before retiring from boxing. He advised the youth to be obedient and respect elders. 

By Sammy Heywood Okine

Briamah Komoko aka Bukom Banku has agreed for a 3 bout promotional agreement with Ghana's boxing promotional giant - Box Office Sports.

The deal was sealed at Alisa Hotel on Sunday October 10, 2021 and it'll be an 18 months duration agreement for the 3 fights, according to close sources the deal would fetch Bukom Banku a financial compensation around *GhC 600,000.00*

The deal would start from January 2022 as Banku has signed a fight deal with S3 Promotions for a fight against John Napari in December, 2021 at the Bukom Arena. Box Office Sports according to sources is in discussions with Mr. Henry Addo Welbeck the CEO of S3 Promotions to buy Banku off the December showdown against Napari.

Banku would be mounting his training camp in the UK to enable him spare himself from the distractions from friends and family.

The move from Box Office Sports has been necessitated by the Box Office Sports multi fight multi year deal with Probellum

Source Box Office


Prince ‘The Buzz’ Larbie has on Monday paid a courtesy call on the Ga Manste, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II at his palace in Accra.

The eight year old boxing sensation who is known to be one of the fastest boxers in the world said he was happy to meet his king, and the visit will motivate him to win and go on to realize his dream of becoming a world champion.

He displayed his amazing skills to the chief and his elders and they were so happy.

Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II advised him to take his education serious and do everything the better or best way so that he achieves his ambitions.

The young schoolboy who combines education with boxing under the watch of his father, Coach Daniel Larbie at the WillPower Boxing Gym at James Town is an inspiration to many kids in Bukom, James Town and surrounding areas.

He attends Kiddie Class Educational Center, and he is in class two.

His aim is to become a world like Azumah Nelson and Floyd Mayweather.

Coach Larbie become the manager of Will Power Gym after the demise of the late Napoleon Tagoe, a former World Boxing Council (WBC) International boxing champion, who died in 2017, and they have made the gym one of the best in Accra, as they train other fighters in karate do, judo, Jujutsu, akido, kick boxing and boxing.

With many sportsmen and women training always at the gym, Larbie is always occupied and hopes to realize the dream.

By Sammy Heywood Okine

The Board of Scancom PLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Antoinette Kwofie as Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Scancom PLC (MTN Ghana) effective October 1, 2021.

A press release signed by Pala Asiedu Ofori (Mrs), Company Secretary said Antoinette was CFO of Absa Bank, a position which she held for over 8 years. She joined Absa in 2007 where she held various roles including Finance Business Partner, Head of Business Performance and Analytics and Financial Controller, prior to her appointment as CFO in 2013.  Prior to joining Absa, Antoinette worked in a variety of senior finance roles within the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK and as a Consultant with the advisory services arm of Ernst & Young in Ghana.

Antoinette is a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), UK. She is an alumnus of the University of Ghana where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to welcome Antoinette to the Y’ello family, and to wish her every success in her new role as the CFO of MTN Ghana.

Commenting on her appointment, the Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Selorm Adadevoh said “I welcome Antoinette to the Y’ello family. She is the first female and the first Ghanaian to head the Finance Division of MTN Ghana. We look forward to working with her as we focus on building a platform business as part of our Ambition 2025 strategy to accelerate growth and unlock value in the coming years.”

Source MTN



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