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By October 10, 2020 192

I experienced what seemed to be showers in my residential area. However I was in for a surprise as a headed towards Accra.

After the toll booth we were met with a mild flooding through the Kasoa Broadcasting to Bortianor area.

It was when I got to the SCC junction that the gravity of the situation dawned on me. The road leading to Accra was totally blocked. We had to share the other side of the road with cars heading toward kasoa. Traffic was almost at a standstill. As we progressed I could see cars that might have been on the other part when the flooding aggravated, abandoned to the mercy of the floods some people still trapped in their cars with the fear of being carried away by the floods if the venture to step out.

My heart was filled with grief seeing cars bought with hard earned money out there in the floods. Then I asked myself; Do we have to go through this whenever there is a downpour? Can't we find long lasting solutions to our flooding situation in this country, given that we have Institutions training and graduating engineers each year? What happens to all the monies we pay at the toll booth everytime we use the road?

These are just a few of the questions running through my mind.


Derrick Macaire

Osagyefo Youth Movement

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