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Hassan Zein Advises Public, International Business And Governance Community To Ignore Defamatory Publications Aimed At Him

The legal Counsel of  MR HASSAN ZEIN, a Ghanaian Businessman and Philanthropist  wishes to register a CEASE and DESIST  to Individuals and or group of persons behind the atrocious peddling of malicious FALSEHOOD aimed at defaming his hard earned public and corporate reputations at  both local and international levels.

According to M&N Solicitors, these defamatory publications which are digital,  electronic and Print media in nature and form include:

A West African Foreign Media: A Malian national print and electronic media used by a faceless Cartel to publish what was believed to be a news with very horrendous defamatory publications on Mr Zein's person for Months. A very forceful legal battle in a Malian High Court of Justice ruled, sentenced and jailed the TOGUNA Editor-in-chief of that news paper for slander and woefully defaming Mr Zein purely on lie refusing to state who was behind this very act.

Currently in Ghanaian High Courts for Defamination with highly inhuman and unacceptable publications :

* A popular Ghanaian blogger on his Facebook pages and other media reports.

* A Malian of Arab descend currently wanted by the police  on social media by many countries around the world

* A Private Television Owner on his TV show

* A highly orchestrated scheme by an immigrant family and a Fake Ghanaian lawyer exposed.

Tired of these costly yet health deteriorating and psychologically damaging endeavours MR HASSAN ZEIN is by this notice warning any such persons as may be behind or planning to do similar damages to CEASE and DESIST immediately as it effects bring  generations hereafter needless pain. The Highest Court of Justice would be sought to defend and restore the needful should any would-be perpetrators engage in same.

M&N Solicitors has advised persons , organisations and governments and the whole world to ignore such foolish and useless.acts of injustice.

From Sammy Heywood Okine

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