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TECNO unveils exciting AI-powered robotic dog "Dynamic 1" at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona-Spain

Every year, the leading tech companies from around the world come together at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to unveil some of the most mind blowing technological inventions.

After a successful sponsorship of the 2023 Afcon in Ivory Coast, TECNO has now taken centre stage at the MWC Conference in Barcelona-Spain.

TECNO continues to embrace, engage and expand it's product line beyond flip phones, laptops and other budget offerings.

A major attraction and big hit here at the  2024 MWC, is the debut of TECNO Dynamic 1, the brand’s AI-powered robotic dog.

The Dynamic 1 is fitted with an AI HyperSense Fusion System for stable movement. It features an Intel RealSense D430 depth camera, dual optical sensors, infrared sensors, and a headlight system in front.

It's fascinating to note that the Dynamic 1 is equipped with four microphones and AI-driven voice recognition algorithms to respond to voice commands. It can be controlled by smartphone apps and as well as remote control devices  for greater flexibility.

The robotic dog also has a 3.7 m/s top speed and a powerful 45N.m/kg torque output. Incredibly, the machine can climb stairs and perform friendly gestures like bowing and even handshaking as displayed at the TECNO stand in Barcelona.

When it comes to connectivity, the robotic dog supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2. It also has 64GB of onboard storage, and a 15,000mAh battery for up to 90 minutes of use.

Highly impressed delegates and attendees were unanimous in agreement that the innovation offers a new era in human-machine interaction, merging cutting-edge AI with a lifelike design inspired by the German Shepherd.

Given its capabilities, this AIoT device is designed to be a big hit on the market once released.

Source Yaw Ampofo Ankrah reporting from the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona


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