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Look around you.

This generation is something else. They will sell their soul just to get riches they don't need.

When I cast my mind back to the generation that fought for the emancipation of the Blackman, my eyes are filled with tears. What happened to the saying that 'the concern of one is the concern of all'?

Today people take delight in cheating others. Stealing is the order of the day. People are imprisoned for stealing plantain to eat, yet others are left to go free when they steal billions of cedis due to greediness.

Where are the youth of today? Do you not see that our fathers have let us down? Do you not see that they don't care about our future? Do you not see that they enrich themselves to the nonsense degree to the detriment of our future?

Arise oooo youth of Africa home and afar. Arise to a new mentality. Let us leave this slave mentality, and go back for the freedom mentality. For our future is in our hands. It's time to wake from our slumber and hold our fathers accountable. We are the heros and saviors we are all waiting for. We are the Future and Present.

Arise, arise, arise for the time is now.

Arise, arise and together let us rebuild.

Arise, let us protect what is rightfully ours.

What are you waiting for?



Revolutionary regards.

Derrick Macaire.

Osagyefo Youth Movement (OYM)

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Last modified on Wednesday, 30 December 2020 23:01
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