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Metro TV Journalist Receives Death Threat

An Accra based Journalist, Mr Phil John Quartey had a shock of his life on last Saturday night when two heavily built men verbally threaten to kill him and another journalist at metro tv over what they described as unprofessional act by the Ridge based tv station. The death threat incident which occured near the traffic light location opposite the International trade fair center in La around 10.23 lasted 1.40secs and saw the two men dressed in all black attire threaten to beat and kill the metro tv journalist. According to Mr Quartey who has since reported the incident to the La police station, while on his way home he decided to buy some rice and grilled chicken at a popular joint, however upon alighting from the car, the two men who drove in an unregistered black Ford car approached him and warned him with threats over his media house pronouncement of the December 7th election results. For close to 1.45secs I felt worried and unsafe as the two men verbally threaten to finish me and another presenter who they described as stomach journalist. They spoke in twi " we will kill you and that stomach journalist at metro tv for his unprofessional job and nobody can do anything to us, go and tell him, we are still watching you guys".The incident drawn the attention of passer byers who shielded me from further verbal assault from the attackers.

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