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"Truth be told, I have deep respect for all the Presidential candidates in this election. At least they showed up and many have great ideas. As for Nana Addo and JM,

they know the feeling is deeper and the mutual respect unrivaled. Nana calls me 'Cudjoe' and JM calls me 'Franklino'. I will tell you how Nana once described yours truly to an impressive crowd on November 25.

Footsoldiers may take a cue. We may be hard on politicians, but be assured we do so without any ill-will. Between IMANI principals, we have a combined global travel and ideas-collecting experiences from nearly 75 countries.

We have seen so much in our short lives that make us wonder why we in Ghana cannot be ranked among the most highly effective countries within our generation. My team at IMANI's job is to get the best out of politicians for you and me.

No hard feelings. May the best candidate out of all win in this election and we will be ready to work with him or her. Meanwhile, watch out for the next IMANI-Multimedia presidential debate on September 30 coming on live at the UPSA.The flagbearers of the PPP, PNC, CPP, LPG and APC will do battle for the most innovative ideas.

We are waiting on the NDC and NPP to confirm participation in theรฌr own leagued debate. IMANI will also conduct critical analyses of major manifestos for 9 political parties and independent candidates . That report will be launched alongside the final score card on NPP's 2016 manifesto delivery. If you would like to financially support any of these activities and be acknowledged, please do let me know.

Shalom - F. Cudjoe

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